It's Wednesday, which means I'd rather design websites than write. Naturally.

On days like today, it occurs to me that my decision to write every Wednesday for 2 hours from noon until two feels... well, arbitrary! Take today for example. Last night, before I literally almost fell asleep at the computer just before midnight, I got an email from a Seattle client who had just had a breakthrough on a new direction we need to go with on her nearly-finished site. This was, you may be surprised to learn, good news. Typically big shifts near the end of the job mean excessive work. This shift, however, really simplified things all the way around.

So this morning I had that great news in the back of my mind as something to look forward to when I hung up the phone with a completely different client, and was dying to get started on this new project. The wheels are turning in my head; I want to see where this goes.

And of course it's already been mentioned, at least once, that I'm working on a seriously exciting project of my own, which will separate my personal and professional endeavors, among other things. The launch deadline I've set for myself is looming.

All that to say? I just looked at the clock and was surprised the morning has sped by so quickly. Next time I look at the clock, of course, I'll be packing up my laptop to head over to The Sanctuary. If I didn't have a 4pm meeting in a coffee shop, I'd give serious consideration to checking in with another writer friend to see if she'll be there today. If not, I can tell - I'd bail on the writing.

Which is exactly why I scheduled this meeting after writing today. Shameful admission: I have to trick myself sometimes! It's not that the website work I'm doing isn't important - in fact, it pays for food and gas and cute socks! It's just that I have to ensure I don't lose the novel-writing momentum, too! This happens, I'm sure, because I'm only writing one day a week. Once I transition to more writing sessions throughout the week, it won't be such a shift in thinking to just sit down and write. Probably won't drive somewhere else to do it, either, which will make things even easier.

So what's the bottom line? Simply this: I declare today to be I'm Happy My Biggest Challenge Is That I Love All My Dissimilar Projects So Much It's Hard To Stop One To Start Another Day!

Happy Wednesday to you too!