It's time to revisit Tyler Thompson's list of reasons to choose Squarespace over Wordpress

**Note** The blog mentioned in this title is no longer online, as its writer has shifted his online focus. Still, there are some things worth knowing in this piece. So I'll leave it up...

Earlier, on a phone call with a woman who never heard about Squarespace before last week, we talked about the new business she's beginning, her experience with marketing and communications, her comfort level with web technologies, and her first round of goals for her new site. This new client is like a lot of other people who ask to work with me. She could build a new website on her own, especially with the help of one of the many content management systems available these days. She's self-motivated, smart, a quick learner, and enthusiastic. And? "I could build this website myself, I know I could. But I also know I won't. It's not high enough on the priority list right now."

Illustrating one of the reasons I have a job. Squarespace makes it possible for non-techies to create their own sites. Ability is not always the deciding factor, however. There are lots of reasons highly capable people sometimes just want to turn that process over to someone else.

By the end of our conversation, she was excited to have found me, and my enthusiasm for Squarespace was catching. But she wasn't completely sold. "Now tell me why you think it's to my advantage to pay this much for hosting instead of paying $5 a month to one of the other hosts."

  • So I told her the story about a client whose website was hacked the week before her site was about to be seen by business professionals in her industry and how those specific first impressions would be vital to the advancement of her career. And how the folks at her "economy hosting" company told her, "We don't have the staffing to help you figure out why this happened. Just upload your clean code again!"
  • I showed her a handful of high-hitting Google searches that put my own site near or at the top of the first page of some keyword results, out of thousands, even millions. (Due, I vehemently believe, to the fact that my site is hosted by Squarespace and I regularly update my site's content by blogging frequently.)
  • I told her about the phenomenal customer service, about how I've never waited longer than a couple of hours for a support ticket response, and about other satisfied clients I know.
  • I forgot to tell her about the time I agreed to take a "simple little job" for a client who had already set up hosting and was planning to use WordPress. I decided "A squillion Wordpress customers can't be wrong." Within a week, I'd realized that uh huh... a squillion Wordpress customers might just be wrong. And so I walked into our meeting in the coffee shop a week after I'd started, and said to him, "If you will consider using Squarespace to host this site, I will not charge you a dime for the work I've done for you this week." He now has two sites hosted on My Platform Of Choice and he sits on the board of an organization that is now using Squarespace, thanks to his glowing recommendation. I forgot to tell her all this, but I figured I could tell you, anyway.
  • And then I told her, "I'm also going to send you a link to a piece I found about a year ago, that considers some differences between Squarespace and Wordpress. Since it was so brilliantly written, it's easier to just share it with you than even try to break down these points myself."

And now I'm going to share it with you. Tyler Thompson, now Creative Director of Squarespace, wrote a list of 6 things to consider when you're choosing between Wordpress and Squarespace to host your site. In his last point, he says:

Some people will like open source software better, but on a day to day basis and if my business's website is counting on it, I want stability and reliability. When you buy a Squarespace account, you are buying a team.

I couldn't agree more. And just thought it was a good time to point it out again. Everybody won't choose Squarespace. I get that. It's always about finding the right match for your needs. For my money, though? Today I'm just feelin' the Squarespace luv again and thought I'd mention it. How completely stoked I am that I have this choice. (The post has been removed, and therefore I have removed the original link.)