It's called "Tomato Pie" - Oh yes it is!

Look what somebody made me! This slice of deliciousness is called "tomato pie" and I cannot begin to imagine how I lived in the south for as long as I have without ever having tasted this treat. I'm told the version in this photo was made with too much cheese. To which I declare "how is that possible?" And because I've now had a slice for dinner last night, another for breakfast this morning, and yep - I had it for lunch again today - I think I'm qualified to say there's nothing wrong with this extra cheesey version.

As per usual - especially this time around - I can't tell you quantities, but I'm happy to tell you the ingredients list. So you can be jealous. So you can try your hand at creating your own:

  • Lots of sliced tomatoes, fresh from friend's garden,
  • Maybe 10 basil leaves from same origin,
  • A little bunch of chives, ditto on the garden origination,
  • Shredded cheese (I think cheddar, mozzarella & asiago,) - perhaps you're supposed to have 2 cups total. Perhaps we used more?
  • Some mayonnaise - maybe 3/4 cup? Maybe not!
  • A Pillsbury pie crust.

How hot and for how long? No idea. But if you really want to know, say so in the comments here, and I'll make sure She Who Created This Deliciousness Between Juggling A Shocking Number Of Domestic And Social Responsibilities checks in here to post a follow-up.

Oh. Yum. That will be all. In case you were wondering, life is good in Atlanta right now. Cheers!