It doesn't matter HOW we ask the questions, I think it just matters THAT we ask them

To see clearly what is uniquely ours to offer, and to find the place where who we are, and how we can be of use in the world, converges with the ability to make a living.

This snippet has been running through my mind since I first read it a couple of nights ago. Brenna Redpath wrote this on her family's blog, From Here to Uncertainty (click for the whole piece,) as a part of an explanation, nine months into the experiment, about why she and her family sold everything and set off to travel for a year. Hint: it's not about the travel. Turns out it never was.

I admire the efforts of those who follow their own paths, whether they be typical and societally expected, or audacious and eyebrow-raising, to get their questions answered. This particular family, I've made no secrets in declaring, inspires me as few have. And in observing their unfolding responses to the lessons they're learning on this Journey of All Journeys, I'm asking my own questions.

Today, specifically, I'm exploring the question of what is uniquely mine to offer that will allow me to be authentically of use to the world while making a living. And I'm writing this with a little smile on my face. Because although I didn't trek around Europe to find it, these days I'm feeling more and more like I'm headed in the right direction toward being able to answer those questions.

Does that mean I'm done? That complacency can set in? Nope! Turns out when you figure out that the work you've done has set you on the right path, the hardest part of all looms in front of you. At last that's the way it looks from here today. But the up-side to that discovery is that the hard work feels more satisfying than any work I ever did before now.

Here's to all of us finding work that helps us sleep more peacefully.