In which the search for a contact lens becomes a honkin deal

It was totally my fault: not paying attention to what I was doing and multi-tasking. As I am wont to do. Never mind - I still didn't like it. Nearly allowed it to ruin my Saturday, even. All because I did not plan well.

Came to WV with only one pair of contacts and an old pair of glasses. Yes, I should have gone back to have the follow-up appointment as advised, so I could fill the new prescription for more pairs. Meant to, even. Yes, I should have gone and gotten the new glasses prescription filled right away instead of absentmindedly putting it in a shoulder bag. Which subsequently got stuck in storage, then forgotten about. I get all that. Knowing it was my fault didn't make things any better during the 3 hours I could not find my only left contact lens.

When the shoulder bag in which I've been lugging all manner of personal products for the past weeks, and which I had yet to empty, tipped over off the vanity at the same time I was talking to my mom on the phone and rinsing my left contact lens in the palm of my left hand, my instincts set in and it didn't occur to me to let the bag fall. Which led to the palm of my left hand being empty and me with no clue as to where the missing contact had gone.

I'll spare you the riveting details that followed. Suffice it to say there was slow, careful sorting involved - laid every item in the bag out onto a towel for excruciating scrutiny - shaking of rugs, removing of tee shirts and shaking of hair, floor-crawling with a flashlight, and sweeping of a floor. I took a break twice and came back in here to work. And eventually? I found the little thing, all folded up and drying in the corner between the vanity and wall.

It takes big annoyances to remember big appreciation for small things, doesn't it? This seems to be a theme for the week: appreciation of small things. Running water in the house. Friendly four-footed creatures. The ability to see. Yay that!