In which the part of the grownup was played by somebody else...

Picture of a little boy - my nephew - on a swingI present to you two tiny exchanges from this past weekend. I won't assert that I'm proud of myself. But the memories still make me giggle, even though...

The First

Me: "Did you eat all of them?"
Adorable Four Year Old: "I dropped that one on the ground. You can't eat food off the ground!"
Me: "Well what if it's the last food in the world?"
Sis: Glaring and incredulous with a not-at-all unimpressive eyebrow raise, mouth hanging wordlessly open.
Me: "Sorry. Don't know where that came from."

The Secound, About a Half Hour Later

Adorable Four Year Old holds out an iPod charger to me. The other end is plugged in.

Adorable Four Year Old: "Is this dangerous?"
Me: "Only if you lick it!"
Sis: "I just figured it out! You're not actually on my side. I never realized it before now. I'm so, so glad I made this discovery before we reached the teenage years..."