In follow-up to yesterday's assertion - smaller than a dime

Photo of tiny little white flowers I can't identify, taken in the back yard of the WV house where I'm staying.When I decided to delay my trip back to Greensboro one more day (yea, I know you're surprised,) I was relieved that I could continue packing my day with more activities than is ever advisable for any one person. It wasn't until a few minutes ago that I remembered yesterday's decision to make more effort to pause throughout my day for breathing and calm reflection.

So I grabbed my camera and went outside to see if I couldn't find something to stop me in my tracks. The jaded part of me sneered as I closed the door: "How many new things can there be to notice in the same mountainside back yard?" I went anyway. I wanted to be amazed. And while I can do this without a camera in my hand, there's something about looking at the world through a lens that has always changed a view for me. I just see everything differently. With a camera in my hand, I'm always more likely to find those little gems that bring me wonder.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The Teeniny Little Flowers I Never Saw In My Life Before. Taken not 3 feet from where I stood yesterday, shooting the blossoms that are turning into bona fide blackberries. And not too awful far away from my own personal spider web, either!

I don't know what this plant is and I'm not planning to research it, either. (Although as always, you're more than welcome to chime in, if you happen to know!) What I do know is that it's way smaller than a dime. I want to say 10mm, if that. No lie, I truly almost missed these perfect little petals on their precarious little stems, all mixed in with the weeds and blackberry bushes.

I may have missed the point a little, since I spent half my time out there trying to get these little dudes in focus and not get scratched by the thorny parts of the blackberry limbs. But it's a start. I took a break. I walked around outside and breathed fresh air. I stretched my limbs a little. Maybe the more I pay attention to little things, the more naturally it will come to me! Here's hoping...