If your town was practically surrounded by water, like this Vancouver resident's is...

In a few days, I'll have collected 6 weeks of stories to tell you and God knows how many photos to show you - I've shot more than 11,000, already, though of course you'd never actually want to see them all. Still... There's so much to tell you. Sadly, at this moment, the only thing on my mind is sleep. And so let's just give a little hat tip to the dude in the Vancouver park, yesterday, who knows how to kick his shoes off and enjoy a good thing when he sees it.

I've gotten a little spoiled by all these towns surrounded by water. Or at least super-accessible to a body of the glistening, splashing, wet stuff. Monday, that'll be a happy memory for a while. So as we're toasting guys who know how to take advantage of their surroundings, let's also pay a little homage to cities with glorious waterfronts.

And now? Good night!