If you take a 3 minute break from redesigning your website, you might just catch a glimpse of a seriously splendid sunset.

If I had actually followed the plan of today, there is only one thing that would be different: it would still be somewhere around 4pm, instead of pushing 9. The little work-related lessons I learned today, and the self-indulgent reveling that surrounded me as I did not actually lay eyes on another soul all day long (we don't count people we see while looking out windows; some people frown upon voyeurism and talk of watching people through your windows tends to sound a bit like you did it intentionally rather than accidentally in passing, so we'll just say I never saw anyone and be done with it,) and the enjoyment I gleaned from enthusiastically listening to Mighty Uncool Music...music that was, in fact so uncool that there is not a chance I'll even tell you which musicians serenaded me all day long: these are just a few of the reasons I loved this day. Loved it so much, in fact, that when I'd accomplished one of the tasks I'd hoped to accomplish days hours ago, I looked around in surprise that there was no more sunlight streaming through the windows.

That it when I saw it. One of the sunsets that make my toes curl. So I did what you would have done! I jumped up, grabbed the big camera, ran downstairs, out the back door, and took photos of it. Because I wanted you to see it too. I'm nice that way.

Now I'm back up here contemplating the 4 tasks I would really like to accomplish before I go to bed tonight. And can't figure out which one I should start with right now. They're equally important, as far as I'm concerned, and I'm equally looking forward to doing them. My tasks are these:

  • Make an in-depth list, with explanations, for one of my clients. This list needs to share with him my thoughts on which items I need to teach him about managing his website. Seeing as how I'm reasonably certain that he has not been blessed with a trust fund and unlimited monetary means, and therefore will be unable to rely on me indefinitely for handling large and small tasks that I could presumably teach him with great ease. He would like to see this list within the next day or so.
  • Do a honkin' pile of writing that needs to be completed before I can develop my new website. You heard me. My New Website. The one I've mentioned off and on for, oh, ever. The one in which I finally separate the content related to the business side of my life from my personal stuff like blogging about doing the nomad thing, and taking photos of sunsets, and posting photos of my friends doing fun things like celebrating at the beach. And the coolest 3 year old on earth. But as I am pointing out, more and more aggressively to my clients these days, anybody can buy a domain. It takes a lot of work to create a whole website. I got me some work to do, darlins.
  • Make some notes and sketches for tomorrow's meeting with my nice new client I talked to yesterday. She has shared two websites with me that she likes. We can use them for inspiration. One of them I worked on and the other one I did not. Visually, these websites have very little in common. Almost nothing. I think there's blue in both of them. While I will spend a great deal of time discussing with her just what elements she finds appealing about each of these sites, I find it's good to spend a bit of time free writing and sketching what comes to mind, just to get the creative juices flowing, before I head off to a first meeting.
  • Set up a new site template that looks completely unlike anything I've ever done before, so that a) I can see if I can, in fact, accomplish the feat, and b) I'll be able to discuss with the person who wants a site that looks like the one I need to try and lay out, what might be involved in creating an entire site that is the foundation of this bulleted item

I care about each of these tasks pretty much equally, just this moment. Oh yea. I already told you that. It had crossed my mind that if I blogged about the items, by the end of telling you about them, I'd have worked out my thoughts on prioritizing. Of course I was wrong. It happens that way sometimes. Never mind. I'm going to post the photo I told you about earlier, publish this little piece, and then? Then I'm just going to suck it up and make a decision. Seeing as how it's already after 9pm and as you see: I have miles to go before I sleep.

Good times, though. I loved this day. Hope yours was fabulous, too!

PS: I did mention that the little redesign of this very site which I've been working on intermittently between other priorities, was actually finished today? "Finished" is a word we use loosely around these parts. Still, it seemed like something I should put in writing. To congratulate myself and all. Thank you. That will be all.