If all my shows were like "Those Creative Women" it would be a lot harder to take this break

It's true, Saturday was a bit of perfection. If you're a guy and you haven't already picked up on it, this was a seriously girly hoo ha. Consider yourself warned. I'm gonna' tell you all about it. No. That's a lie. I'm gonna' tell you a little about it, and link to some other sites where others who were there have shared their perspective, and between the lot of us, you can read our stories and pretend you were there. Because you do...you wish you had been there.

The best part about the day? I can't name just one, but I rate the laughter way, way high up there. That and Kendra's dark chocolate truffles. (I hadn't eaten anything chocolate in well over a week, but don't even think I didn't make an exception and eat two on Saturday.) Oh yea, laughter. I was talking about laughter. And genuine, smiley, kind, supportive, creatively companionable company. It's exactly what I needed to fill my day.

Sold some jewelry, too, thank you very much. And thank you, too, to those of you who purchased my babies. I hope you love wearing them as much as I love my own.

See that image over there? The one that looks like a tiny little contact sheet of photos? Click it and you can see some more of my shots.  I didn't take many. Was sporadically filled with Camera Envy, what with all the glorious DSLR's floating around the house, (Maybe there were only two. Maybe I exaggerate a little. Sometimes it happens that way,) and so I didn't take as many photos as I might have otherwise. But I got a lovely little smattering to help me recreate the day in my mind, earlier when I downloaded them.

Among my favorite memories from the day besides all that laughter? Watching the most adorable little girl - I want to say she's 3 or 4 but I'm not really good at these things, (she could be 9 for all I know!) walking around holding the hand of a woman who could have been her grandmother, whom I believe she had only met once or twice before, long ago. The way they'd walk through the house, holding hands like the oldest of friends... breathtaking.

I wish I'd written down the great exchange I eavesdropped in on, too, when two women were discussing hairdressers. Something about how great this one woman is. And how she has the biggest boobs, and sometimes when she's cutting your hair she'll just throw 'em on around you! I know you had to be there for that little snippet, but I admit I almost snorted my water through my nose.

So I met some nice people. Let me tell you who they are:

  • Emily called herself the tagalong sister, but I'll tell you for certain that this day would have been utterly incomplete without her. We'd only met one time before, just last week, and I was so thrilled to see her again. Great photos on her site, Chatting at the Sky. Plus? I have a sister, too! That's what we do: tag along with each other to FunCoolHooHas!
  • So Emily's sister? The one she said she was tagging along with? Online she's called The Nester, and she's kind of a blogging rock star in certain circles. I mean, who gets 189 comments on a blog post? Okay, it was her birthday, but really. (It's not envy you hear. Um, okay, it is. There is envy here. But really. This woman was as nice as can be and you can't hate her. Or her 189 blog comments. She sells tassels for your home. Girly, fluffy, decorative tassels. (I heard a little boy ask his mom could he go see the furry things. He meant he wanted to return to the room with the tassels.)
  • Kate, who designed our VeryMuchCool www.thosecreativewomen.com had simple handmade cards for sale, and helped with the fabulous gift wrapping. I am completely in love with her business card. It's featured in my little photo gallery because I didn't get a good shot of her cards. PS? She's a terrific graphic designer: you should hire her.
  • Not only did Lauren wrap up all kinds of lovely gift packages for our guests, but she's getting married in no time to the VeryGoodSport, Justin. Who was one of only about 5 men at our whole event. And he was totally awesome and comfortable and confident walking amongst all the girliness. The very best of luck, you two. (And his mom looked perfect wearing my necklace. Thank you Mom! Oh dear... was it Nancy, maybe? I sure hope so.) Oh - and word on the street is the Lauren may be available for all your custom gift-wrapping needs next year. And maybe even decorate your home for Christmas. How cool would that be???
  • A couple of guests must be mentioned by name, too. Because they bought my jewelry, and hello? You get link love if you bought my jewelry and I know how to link to you. June of Bye Bye, Pie! is sporting the necklace she bought from me on her blog. She made me laugh the whole time we were in the same room together.
  • Sissy and I talked about art and clay and she now has the earthiest pendant I had on hand, and that makes me very, very happy.
  • Lynn Salsi (and her dear hubby Burke,) came just to say hi and to buy one of my bracelets. What a cool surprise it was to walk into the room and realize they'd actually come just to support me and get something of mine when it would have been far easier to just call me up and say "Bring your stuff over, I want to pick out a bracelet!"

Okay, so that's my little recap of the people I met. Now let me tell you how extra-special it was to get to hang out with two other amazing women. Kendra Adachi is The Hostess Extraordinare. I have never, ever, EVER in my entire life seen a woman juggle that many hostess duties, keep the fresh food coming and coming, and remain so gracious and fun! My First Kitchen is her business, and I am absolutely going to be taking one of her cooking classes in the new year. In fact, I should get a group of friends together to do it with me!!! (Call me if you want to get in on this, pals - wouldn't that be a hoot?) Kendra, thank you for everything you did to make this day happen, and for inviting me to participate. I've said this is going to be my last show for a while, but even if I don't decide to "come back" one day and do a whole slew of shows next year, (decided for sure that I'm taking a break, yesterday,) I'd be hard pressed to bow out of this one. I can not imagine missing the second installment.

And what is it they're always saying about saving the best for last? I had a tiny little luv fest for Cindy Cage and her Imagery Limited stained glass recently in my blog, but can I revisit this one more time? I adore this woman. Her stained glass is glorious, and I believe it's quite possible that she's the most creative woman I've ever met in my whole entire life. We were fortunate enough to have one or two little minutes of downtime to sit and chat, and these talks were among the highlights of my day.

The End. Don't forget to check out my little photo gallery here, and way more shots at the other sites.

PS - One more thing: Casia - call me. We have to have coffee or tea or something soon. I have loved talking to you and can't wait to hang out again!