How I wrap up a day like this one

First off, you should know that the "Those Creative Women" event was a total hoot. Scads of guests flowed through the house from 10 'til after 4, and I believe everyone was happy with their sales and also just with the company in general. Most excellent company.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you I'm still struggling with the idea of continuing to sell jewelry at events. Even the two I have coming up are causing me serious pause. I want to honor my commitments; on the other hand, if I didn't participate in these, I seriously doubt I'd be missed. Okay, maybe a little, but not horribly. We'll see. That's perhaps a blog post for another day.

So when I got home, I had all these fabulous plans brewing in my mind: was gonna' work on a web project, work out, then download the photos I took today. Here's what I've done, instead:

  • Ate a bowl of Kendra Adachi's yummy granola for dinner while checking email,
  • Took a dose of Airborne, hoping to ward off the possible cold that seems to be tickling my throat, (just started drinking another one while I read back over this before posting - I'm definitely getting sick,)
  • After the surprising appearance of inspiration, made about half a necklace then got tired of it and put it away for tomorrow,
  • Checked my credit report,
  • Watched some Photoshop tutorials on YouTube,
  • Then watched some music ones, just because,
  • Replied to some more emails,
  • Looked at apartment listings online,
  • Wrote in a journal, before getting distracted and doing some of the above things...totally stopped writing, mid-sentence. Can't remember why, now, but it's typical. Maybe I'll get back to that after writing this. Or maybe I'll just go to bed.

Hopefully I got a few good photos of our hoo ha today, and I'll be able to post them soon. Maybe.  You know about my follow-through on things like this. But it could happen...

Hope your day was equally full of the things you wanted!