How 'bout one more drawing before November 8?

Somewhere along the way this afternoon, it occurred to me that I want to do another drawing sometime before Those Creative Women hold our Big Fabulous Day of Shopping and Social Delights on November 8.

Wouldn't that be fun? 'Cept next time I'll only be posting the announcement online (via my blog, twitter, and Facebook,) without sending any mass emails. So check back every now and then to make sure you don't miss it! (Yes, I'd love it if you came and read my blog more often than you usually do. And apparently I'm not above bribery to get you to show up around here every now and then!)

The other thing I'll do differently next time is hopefully it'll be better timed. For a day when I don't have to sit here working for long stretches of time. ('Cause sometimes days like today are exhausting and a woman might have enjoyed an earlier bedtime for a change.) Never mind that. It's been a hoot - both my web project and the occasional peeks I let myself take, to read your way cool comments from people interested in my Surprise Wednesday Drawing.

Thought you might enjoy a photo of a smidge of the utter chaos (albeit happy chaos!) that exists over there in the corner nearby. On my little table I was shooting photos of scrapbook paper I needed for including in some graphic drafts for a website project. You may notice some little torn scraps, too. Yep... that mess is a part of my work, too.

And you can see my little setup for shooting the bracelet photo this morning. Actually, if you look very, very closely, you'll also see that the earrings are still hanging on the stem of eucalyptus that's propped in one of my favorite pieces of pottery. With a broken bamboo placement still propped against the wall for background.

Think I'll clean that mess up tomorrow.