Hilly walk, surprise package, & journals = a LITTLE less cranky

A picture of a little bundle of blank journals I received in the mail today - surprise!It's Friday which is supposed to be The. Best. Day. Ever. Just ask anybody who works in an office outside their home. They'll tell you before you get the question out of your mouth. Still, I woke up cranky and stayed that way for a while. I'm sure it has something to do with the change of pace this week. Even though to the outside eye my typical life is fairly unstructured and lacking in routine, there's actually a rhyme to my atypical reason. And one of the things I'm used to is having a lot of space and time to myself.

Even when spending time with people who gave me life, whom I love so dearly I can't tell you - as I am this week - they're still... well, you know. Other people! So that and maybe some lack of sleep might be contributing to my crankiness.

That wasn't my point, exactly. My point is actually that I'm one of those "Well fix it then!" kind of people. When Mom said she'd like to read the newspaper, I offered to walk to the top of the hill and get it. (Yea, I know; surprised me too.) So I did. Since maybe a walk would make me less cranky. While there, I decided to open the mailbox. Just in case. Check it out! A pile o' stuff! And on top? A package for me. Me!

Since I ordered a book from Amazon a few days ago, I immediately figured some bookseller was just really on top of things and got my order in the mail faster than usual. I didn't even open it for a half hour, so convinced was I that it was just a book.

Not so. Only another writer would know just how perfect a little bundle of journals would be, as a gift for a writer. And since I decided - during this past week even! - that it was time for me to start writing on paper again, r e g u l a r l y, in a good old fashioned journal... Yea, well, you can see just how cool this gift is.

After all that? I want to tell you all about the person who sent these journals to me and why she's so cool and was so thoughtful and wanted to send me a gift this week. But that takes actual thought and planning, so I'm going to get to work now and postpone that until just a little later. Rude.  I know. Just rude. But no worries. I'll tell you soon. Because it's just too yummy not to!

Meanwhile, though, thank you Karen! Clearly - as evidenced in the opening paragraphs - I'm still a little cranky. But your surprise gift definitely took the edge off, and I'm using that as leverage to rework my mood today. Promise!