Have you ever heard Martha Bassett sing? You could get another chance March 29!

Click for all the details. Then sign up and come to our show.

Click for all the details. Then sign up and come to our show.

I should lead with a disclaimer. I messed up and forgot to post this before. And now, should you find yourself interested in what I'm about to tell you, you have just a smidge beyond 24 hours to respond. It'll be worth it. Wanna' play along? Good. Carry on reading...

So here's the deal. I'm a part of a bodacious collaboration centered around creativity. Many of you know this. Some of you don't. It follows. I love collaboration and I breathe creativity. Check. It's called The Collabative and we do a lot of different things, but one of the main things we like to do is produce live music events. But not just garden variety events. Sometimes there are musicians playing while artists who have never been in the same room with each other paint a canvas together. Other times two bands that never met before and whose music isn't really that similar, will share a stage... for a delighted audience. It goes on from there.

What concerns you tonight is the event we have coming up. Hopefully. Because it's only coming up if enough people agree to participate. If you're in my area, you probably already know Martha Bassett's name. And Sam Frazier. And Pat Lawrence. And if you don't, you need to. Trust me. Click here and scroll down; we put in videos so you can hear for yourself!

If 60 people ask us to, by saying they intend to be there on March 29th, Kris Ferris and I, via our project, are going to book The Martha Bassett Trio for a "house concert"-type gig at The Creative Center. We'll have a potluck. You'll get to hang out with the musicians. We'll haul a bunch of couches into the gallery to make it all homey. You'll get to run into some of the most fun creatives in town. [So not in that order.]  You want to come to this show. (Are my subliminal messages working yet? If you don't live in NC and you're sad for a minute, that's one hint that it's working. Sorry.)

But yea. Tomorrow is the deadline for letting us know which people are interested. And if enough of them (you!) do? We get to book it. That simple! Wanna' see? I hope you will! And then I hope you'll sign up to be a part of the group that gets this show booked. (There's a handy form right there on the page. For your convenience. Because I was thinking about your convenience.) And then when we have the show, I hope you come find me and give me a hug. Because the one thing I like as much as music is hugs. Nearly, anyway...