Have you been to the "new" Southern Lights Bistro in Greensboro yet?

The Southern Lights Bistro is one of those Greensboro restaurants that I always kind of assumed would be around. For special occasions... or occasions I wanted to make special. Didn't matter. Real Special or Fabricated Special, it was all the same to me.

But then they closed. Seriously? Because I'm coming in and out of town half the time, doing that pseudo nomad thing, and have my head in the clouds the other half of the time, I didn't check in to see what was going on, really. All I knew was that it wasn't open and when I thought about it, I got really sad.

Guess what? Southern Lights has a new location! They reopend in August. (Which was a couple of weeks before I left town for 6 weeks - good excuse for not having been back to check them out, yet, right? The correct answer here is "right." Thank you.) But this week I keep thinking about this place. And about how it would be so great to just go there...for no special reason beyond the craving of well-prepared food in a divine atmospher.

Email exchanges with a friend I haven't seen in...could it be 10 years now...? have me jogging my memory for the best place to meet up with my buddy. I mean, Guilford College Days were a long time ago. Maybe there's something here he won't remember. What with him living in Europe now and all. Never mind that, Southern Lights is open again. What's that you say? I mentioned that already? Well, maybe this would be a good excuse to go. I'm just sayin...