Hard pressed to imagine a better lunchtime view

It kinda' blows my mind a little to have discovered, on the Ham's Restaurant website, that there is no visual evidence of this view behind their Greensboro Lakeside location. There's a simple shot of their Nice Enough To Look At But Nowhere Compares To This building. Are you kidding me? It seems a coup that they secured a location like this, which allows diners to look out over the lake while eating on their patio out back. What a spectacular marketing oversight!

So let me help them out a little and mention here that this dining option does indeed exist in Greensboro. Which is where I was on Tuesday when I met a friend for lunch and talked for hours. Amazing company, good food, and this magnificent view.

I just found the photo on my iPhone and had to share it with you.

And while, no, this wasn't actually just one more intentional opportunity for me to drop "I finally got an iPhone" into yet another blog post, I have to tell you there is very little more satisfying than the ability to shoot a photo, touch a button, enter a couple of identifying letters for my personal contact information, and have the photo miraculously resting on any computer I happen to be using when the time comes to use the shot on my blog. Serious streamlining of my processes = yet another reason I'm such a happy customer...

PS: Sometimes I enhance my photos with Photoshop. Naturally - it's a very common practice if doing so can enhance the image. But this one? Not a single change. This is exactly the way it looked, and no touchups were employed.