Happy things from this week...so far

It's been ages since I did one of my gratitude blogs. You know, these lists I love to make, in which I go on for a while about things that make me happy. So how 'bout one now? Just a bunch of random thoughts, experiences, ideas, memories, sights that have made me feel good sometime this week. Naturally, in no particular order:

  • Having a new website project look even better in reality, once I started designing it, than it did in my head. (And it looked pretty amazing in my head!)
  • My 3 year old nephew wrapping his arms around my neck and saying, "I'm your boy."
  • The Fresh Market Breakfast Blend in the morning,
  • Remembering enough keywords to find a long lost professional acquaintance on Google,
  • Introducing a 7 year old to Photoshop...and watching her enthusiastic progress as she played,
  • Realizing that I really and truly do like every one of my current clients,
  • The sleepy, gravelly sound of his voice on the phone, first thing in the morning when he wakes up and calls me,
  • Writing down a seemingly-lofty goal and having the beginning details start to unfold within mere days of identifying the goal,
  • The feeling of a brand new pair of contact lenses touching my eyes,
  • Discovering the answer to a coding challenge and watching it miraculously work,
  • Getting my laptop back after too many days of having to rely on my desktop compuuter. (But make no mistake: I am very grateful to have two computers.)

I could go on but maybe I'll just leave something for another day!

Hope your week is going well, too...