Happy Kindergarten Mr. Pie (Even though I'm not allowed to call you this anymore!)


Dear Rami, most precious child I've ever known in my entire life: Happy First Day of Kindergarten!

How is it possible that I blinked and wasn't saying goodbye to Tristan anymore, who was leaving the hospital with his own new baby the same time we left with you, and now... well now you're heading off to your own first day of school that doesn't have "Pre-K" attached to it?

Friday evening we start our Most Exciting Time together, just the two of us (and anybody else we decide to invite,) which means you'll be The Very Important Cruise Director, and I'll let you, too, because darlin' you KNOW how to plan a day! All I'm sayin... everybody should have someone as imaginative and insightful in their life to plan their events, as I have! Lucky me, there's you and you'll get to plan every minute of our weekend itinerary while filling me in on your first day of Montesorri and all the new people you met and all the plans you've got for the new year. And could I please explain to you one more time about how your mom did go to kindergarten but I didn't and why didn't they care if kids went to kindergarten back then? It just doesn't make sense to you, and you love hearing it again and again, all the same.

Then, if I were a betting woman, I'd bet that you'll get bored of all my questions about kindergarten, because we'll have far more important things on our minds, like the Lego creations you're crafting, and what side of the bed you'll get during Our Long-Overdue Sleep-Over, and what movie are we going to on Saturday?

So even though I'm not allowed to call you Mr. Pie anymore, (although at least you loved hearing of "The Sultan of Cool" that day in the pool this summer when you had me tell you of all your baby-era nicknames, with your, "Yea.. THAT'S the one I like!" Duh.) I couldn't help but brush off your old "blog name," for this wee post.

Until I see you again, I sure hope you like your first day of kindergarten. And that you make lots of great friends and they all see what an awesome kid you are, and also how lucky for them that they get to be in your class this year!