Happy Birthday Tetris!!!!!

Google's Happy Birthday to TetrisAaah, Tetris. My favorite first computer addiction. Hours and hours and H O U R S of my life have been wasted spent in the glorious company of this game. It reminds me of certain friends - we get a wee bit competitive - and my sis...and my mom. Mama can hold her own. And she'll take you down if you don't watch it, too.

So I feel a little slow today. It's after 9:30pm and I'm just finding out, while apparently the rest of the free world - of geeks, at least - has been happily celebrating the 25th birthday of our game. And Google celebrated, too, bringing the celebration to the non-geeks.

I, on the other hand, have forced myself to stay on track all day long, poring over Photoshop until my shoulders screamed. But a few minutes ago, I decided I'd earned a break. Tooled on over to Twitter...

screen capture of twitter page showing #tetris searches during 20 minute periodIt was Twitter that pointed out the fact that one of the top "trending topics" right now is "tetris." I had to know!

Check out the screen capture of the Happy Birthday Tetris Tweets! In the time between my clicking on "tetris" to see what the hubbubb was about, and about 20 minutes later, there were 109 more additions. It's up to 166 now...

Kinda' makes me want to play a game. Problem is, you can never play Just One Game Of Tetris. Can you...?