Hangin' with Fritz & Mimi...for about 4 months

Meet the little dudes who are keeping me company these days. Hello Fritz! Hello Mimi! (She's the one with more spots. At the top of the photo.) A friend of mine is working in another state until the end of the year, but his feline companions could not accompany him. We worked out a little arrangement - one that involves me trading in my identity as an independent person for the label of "She Who Caters To Felines" - and so far it's been going pretty well.

It occurs to me that, having been sans kitties in my household since the end of '05, I've forgotten a few things. Good thing I'm a fast (re)learner!

Things I've Been Relearning For the Past Two Weeks:

  • If somebody tells you to get out of bed, enough times in a row and with the right tone of voice, you'll eventually get tired of ignoring them. No matter how sleepy you are.
  • It's best not to try to out-wait a kitty. If they want something, they'll have it.
  • There's very little more satisfying than being pampered. They're very appreciative. So I'm also recalling how soothing it can be to just cuddle and pet.
  • When you have others depending on you for most everything, you look at the world a little differently. It affects your decisions, much as you might not have expected it to.
  • Best not to let a little mess stick around. It won't just wait for you: it'll get worse.

Fritz is a boy and his voice is higher pitched. Mimi is the girl and she's got the sultry, deep voice. At first I thought Mimi was more insistent, but after a few mornings in his role as my alarm clock, Fritz's tenacity is shining through.

My favorite little person was visibly shaken when he first met them. First off, who was This Other Person calling herself Mimi??? How can one's favorite auntie answer to the same name as the cat she's taking care of? These are complex naming arrangements we've got going on, but he's adjusting nicely. By the end of that day, he'd decided they weren't too bad. In fact, it seems I had a spare. So evidenced in his statement, "Can I borrow one of your cats? I would like to borrow Fritz please!" I'm not altogether certain he's given up on that one, but we'll see.

So there you have it. I'm not living alone right now. Thought I'd better mention it. 'Cause these guys are currently a very, very big part of my life. Yay kitties!