Halfway there - 15 days remaining to win my new iPhone from Squarespace, er, #squarespace...

So you like your iPhone, do ya? You love its sleek lines and smooth curves and sexy sheen. And you luv all those great iPhone apps that let you do nifty stuff like identify cool songs playing in the coffee shop by merely holding up your device so it can "hear" who's singing, then tells you who, what, where, when... plus how to get the song for your own collection.

Yea well who wouldn't? I, on the other hand, quite like my refurbished Moto Q. It lets me do all kinds of things, including keep up with email when I'm in the woods for days on end in a house that has no internet. Yea, my Moto Q is all right with me. But it occurs to me that I should tell you here and now: I'm not at all loyal to it. In fact? I have iPhone envy and I'm coming out of the closet to admit this publicly right now.

Which is why it's gonna' be a spectacular day when I win my new iPhone during the Squarespace iPhone Thank You Giveaway. This exciting win will be happening sometime in the next 15 days, since they've already given away 15 others and none of those first 15 came to me. (In truth, it's an Apple gift certificate giveaway, but now we're just getting all irritatingly detail-oriented. I know what I can buy with a $199 gift certificate to the new Apple store in Friendly Center. And so do you.)

Never mind, with 2 weeks plus 1 day remaining in the giveaway, there are plenty of iPhones remaining for me...AND for you!

How, you ask, can you be a contender? It's easy! Every day until the end of the giveaway (that'd be July 7 if you're not in the mood to count 15 days out,) all you have to do is log into your Twitter account and post something that includes #squarespace in the content. It can be related to your actual love of Squarespace (because let's face it, you really do love Squarespace. Really, really,) or you can be boring and a little bit irritating to those of us bothering to try and work "#squarespace" into our tweets in a mildly creative or at least contextual way. They're drawing daily until the 7th and only those who've included the #squarespace hashtag have a chance to win for that day.

Brilliant, brilliant Squarespace. For so many reasons. BTW: you don't have to actually be a Squarespace user. Which means there's a whole lot more competition for my iPhone. You do, however, have to be a Twitter user.

Now. Better go think of something fresh to tweet about that includes the necessary hashtag for entering my name in the contest for today!

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