Groupon now in Greensboro! Another "wish I'd thought of that" business

Groupon in GreensboroGroupon is one of those nifty websites I would have told you about even if they weren't offering to *pay us for referring our friends. It's a site that sends out daily coupons for great local deals in specific towns. If enough people - a group - opt in for that day, everybody gets the deal. Last week when first clicked on an ad that sent me to their site and saw the kinds of previous deals members had received, I got all nervous, because Greensboro still showed up with a "coming soon" disclaimer. You know how those can be. Of course I was happy to see they're active in Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta, Seattle, and a couple of other cities I might just find my way to (not to mention "the biggies" you'd expect, like New York, LA, Chicago, Memphis...)

Never fear; Groupon is now providing daily deals for my town, too. The first deal I saw was on Great Harvest Bread, and we all know how good that is! Oh yum.

Today they have an awesome deal for Emerywood Fine Foods. Again with the yum. So far these deals have been half off! And since these two in particular are for food items, how could we go wrong? What with the need to eat on such a regular basis, and all.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about it because it's just one of those sites that offers cool benefits for (free) membership. Not to mention the fun of seeing what arrives in your in-box every morning! It's a like a little treat to start your day. Go visit them. They'll explain the details better than I did; their site is very well laid out and easy to navigate.

*So if you click this link and sign up, I make a few dollars the first time you buy. Thank you for buying me some coffee or gas. Then you can do the same by telling your friends! Yay us!