Green tea for this coffee girl?

Not unlike most of the hairbrained ideas in my life, the decision to take a break from coffee and give this whole green tea business a whirl was completely unexpected and out of the blue. But today I did just that: decided to switch to green tea. Cold turkey. I think so, anyway.

I've had much to say about my love of coffee. Long-time readers will even recall the time I decided to drink it black. (That was cold turkey, too. You'll remember how well that turned out.) I really can't say enough about how fabulous I think coffee is. Just trust me.

Recently I was meandering through one of those yummy gourmet kitchen gadget shops with a friend (one of those places where you can find seventy four types of garlic presses, which is pretty cool, but the standard ones they carry? The exact same brand you bought at Target? This store has that very one for 4 dollars more. I digress,) looking at the glorious gagets and goodies for all your chefly needs. We arrived at the tea section and I thought I saw my friend start twitching with happiness. She's recently started eating lots of macrobiotic foods and drinking tea instead of coffee. I was complettely unaffected. Declared that this is all well and fine, she can have her tea. Me? Never really have a craving for the stuff! Not unless I'm deathly ill, that is. Then I drink that glorious Throat Coat goodness.

Never mind. I have to call up my friend and tell her I changed my mind. Tonight in the supermarket I picked up a box of naturally decaffinated green tea. (Always was curious how that works. Not enough to research it, of course, but apparently enough to mention it here!)

So there you have it. Starting tomorrow morning?  I'm drinkin' some green tea. I hear there's good stuff in it that will make me miraculously the healthiest person you ever met. Antioxidents and stuff.

I'll letcha' know how it goes...