Go see these dmp photos at Thai Pan, taken at live local performances

dotmatrix project photo exhibit opening at Thai Pan, Greensboro, NCPhoto Courtesy of dotmatrix projectWhen was the last time you saw an actual photograph...on paper? Seems to me these days nearly every interesting photographic image to grace my sight is digital. Which is fine, of course; I love digital. No question about it. But I often miss the days of good quality prints. Darkroom time. Walking up to an image hanging on a wall and lingering to examine it, instead of clicking the "next" button to see what follows.

Monday evening, friends and I met at Thai Pan on Elm Street to view selected images from these past months' dotmatrix project live music shows. We were not disappointed. The opening was really nice - a convergence of delicious Thai food in an ambient, downtown atmosphere, interesting people to talk to, and music recorded at DMP performances. But the photographs were magnificent. It was the first time in years, literally, that I returned again and again to study a shot.

When I talked to Andrew Spears, (who called me ma'am, btw, and I only mention it because, that one's just really hard to get used to, though I'm sure his mom would be very proud,) who curated the exhibit, he told me about discovering that they wouldn't be able to add any more holes to the wall when they hung the images. He said, "That's all right. I have twine!" And he did, too; each of the installations were artistically attached - using wooden clothespins - to a length of twine. He did a magnificent job of grouping and presenting the images shot during months of live musical performances.

To see photos from the opening, as well as a growing body of images taken at these collaborative performances, click here to view the collections on flickr. To get live recordings from the shows, visit Amie St. And to peek at a few videos, there's a dotmatrix project channel on YouTube.

And? The exhibit at Thai Pan is running through December 14 so you've still got plenty of time to check it out.

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