Girls' weekend at North Litchfield Beach

Working at the beach...a littleFeeling bittersweet tonight. Wishing I were still at the beach with Cindi, Dena, Lia and Bel (Hala Kiowa Bel, to be more specific.) I did not have a shabby time this weekend at all. The only downside was the guilt over all the work I wasn't doing. I know, I know. We're supposed to rise above it. Let ourselves really get away and put work aside for a while. But I broke a lot of promises to clients this past week. Didn't do a good job of acknowledging - or conveying - the reality of what could actually be accomplished. Things I'd thought I'd be able to fit in but didn't...hard to let it go. I did let it go eventually though...mostly. The photos will help you see why.

In the beginning it was decided that a whole honkin' pile of my girls would be invited. What's a girls' weekend to celebrate The Birthday You've Been Milking For Weeks if you don't invite a pile of people? In the end only 3 others were able to make it on this specific weekend. The others would have been very, very welcome, if they'd come. But the weekend turned out perfectly, in spite of the absence of others. Such fun!

Among my best memories from this amazing trip, before I head into the Mighty Efficient Workweek:

  • My birthday goodiesBel is one amazingly sweet Greyhound. Retired last March and joining Cindi's family not too many months back, our "leggy blonde," could run like the wind and kept us crooning all weekend long.
  • Shrimp And Grits. Um. Homemade shrimp and grits. Yuuuuuuummmmmmmm!
  • That view.
  • The Quote Board. See below.
  • Laughing just feels so good. It's easy to laugh. A lot. Really. Try it!
  • Rediscovering how great it is to have friends who really do love you.
  • Wine really does loosen the tongue a bit.
  • During my actual birthday week, I got 2 cakes. That was more than enough. This week I got a birthday cake With Forty Candles, a Key Lime Pie, AND cupcakes! (Guess who's resuming her ignored exercise routine tomorrow?)
  • Happy Birthday streamers all over the house, another card and little gifts in my bathroom Every Single Morning when I woke up... Cindi kinda' overdid it, but I know she enjoyed it as much as I did, so no guilt allowed in the indulgence.
  • Best-forgotten, sometimes embarrassing photos from long, long ago.
  • Long walks on the beach, shopping, chick flicks, stand up comedy, storytelling, way too much food, an earring-making session with some of my jewelry-design supplies...
  • A few weeks ago, I lost "my signature" thumb ring sis gave me for my 25th birthday. This weekend I found a new way cool silver ring. Not for my thumb. And it will never really replace the ring I lost (and maybe one day will find, hopefully in nephew's toys or some similar location,) but I do love this ring. Will show it to you one day, maybe!

Meanwhile, yes, there was a quote board. No you can't see it. Way too much of it was personal and/or would translate way wrong in writing for the general public. But I'll write a few here, providing context, and you can recall your own past weekends when you bonded with your own friends and everything came out funny, even when it wasn't supposed to...

  • After hearing me declare that I was looking for deep cups to pour some drinks into for carrying onto the windy beach, Cindi declared, "Did you say D cups? Because I know you did not say D cups!" (Thanks, honey. No really...)
  • Watching Dena hang from a pull-up bar attached to a doorframe, I asked would she be buying one when she got home. "No!" she declared bitterly. "All I can do is hang there. And flail!"
  • Lia told a lively story about a woman we don't know, from a past job: "She was on the verge of being expelled from the senior center!"
  • After hearing me milk it just a tad one too many times, Dena looked at me solidly, "Your birthday has come and gone!"
  • We ate way, way too much at dinner last night. Afterward I went to my room, lay on the bed and moaned. Eventually everybody joined me there for a while. Dena arrived first, as full and miserable as I was, but gave me much sympathy. "I'll love you for always!" then, barely missing a beat, "Stop moving the bed, b@#%h!"
  • After watching some standup routines on YouTube one night, I couldn't think of Mitch Hedberg's name, though wanted to see if anybody else had also enjoyed his humor. I recalled that he'd died a few years ago. Said Cindi, upon discovering the name I was seeking, "I just Googled dead standup comedians and there he was!" (Very, very sad at this loss...both of us.)
  • Hearing Cindi mention sign language, Lia said, "I know a little!" Cindi: "Yea?" Lia, after slight pause, "Not really..."
  • That's probably enough, whatcha think?

Thanks, ladies. Love ya'll.

Just "a few" of the photos I brought home, over here.