Fun things about house sitting & how they are affecting my week

The best part of house sitting is, I think, that spending a week or two in someone else's home lets you sort of "play house" like you did when you were a kid. I had a fabulous imagination then, and I don't mind harnessing my inner 8 year old now, either. The food, the music, even the cleaning products are often different! I'm at one of my favorite homes away from home right now, and let me tell you this: Olivia Newton John has a greatest hits CD. Did you know this? Because I did not. And I am listening to it right now. It's working, too. I needed to smile a lot this morning and I have been. A lot.

So what else is fun about this week, that's distinctively unlike many of my other weeks? Well, let's see:

  • I walk around talking to beings who may or may not grace me with their presence. There are two kitties living in this home. I know because they eat the food I put out for them twice a day. Also? One of them did a fly by on Sunday, and the other one comes around periodically just to hiss at me. (She's got that down, too, babies...)
  • Not only did I discover Olivia Newton John this morning, but this is also the place where I'm always happy to discover music I once owned on cassette tape: Billy Joel's Greatest Hits, and The Eagles, The Church, The Hooters, Robert Plant, Don Henley... yay.
  • Chocolate Silk in my coffee. It reminds me of Seattle, actually, since that's what another one of my friends served me when I was out there in '06. Every morning when I pour this friend's soy milk into my freshly-ground coffee, I think of Seattle. Been thinking I might like to head that way again soon...
  • Movies I do not own: Sliding Doors, The Age of Innocence, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Chocolat...
  • Books I do not own. Anybody craving some Stephen King, we can hook you up 'round here. But I picked a book about Mary Queen of Scots. Haven't gotten very far, but I read a bit every night and am fascinated.
  • The Most Wonderful Bath Tub Of Ever.

And one more distinctive activity from this week: discovering which comfortable spots in the house have the best internet access. Yesterday I discovered a glorious treat, upstairs in this little reading area between my guest room and the office. It has cozy, comfy chairs a honkin' ottoman and 4 windows. No sunshine then, but today? Yea. I found my office...