Fulfilling some of the terms of our arrangement

When I talked my parents into letting me move myself into this empty house this summer, then come and go as I please, there was some negotiating involved. I promised things. Things that involved me doing stuff I don't normally do. Occasional stuff that feels an awful lot like hard manual labor. Okay, not like building pyramids or anything. But still...

Then someone approached me who expressed interest in discussing a "purchase as is" arrangement with my parents. I shared phone numbers, discussions were had, I was supposed to show the house when they called, and that was that. I sort of put my original negotiations on the back burner of my brain. I mean, "as is" doesn't require my scraping wallpaper, now does it?

Nobody ever called. So I hunted down the phone number of this interested party earlier this week. Alas, this former interest? Not so much now. Uh oh. I'm leaving here in a few days with plans to only return once more. Of course you never know, but I've made other plans for later in the year that don't really involve WV.

This was all on my mind when I woke this morning. I made a to-do list and it was long. And I started working on that list, too. Midway down the page, I wrote, "Start scraping bathroom wallpaper." When it occurred to me that I could "just start on one section...maybe just do one wall" I didn't really know what I was taking on. How could I? The only memory I have of ever scraping wallpaper happened when I was in high school and we moved into this house that was built in 1907. Lots of opportunity for scraping wallpaper back then. But there was a whole family scraping, y'know? And it was kind of a novelty, so some friends occasionally got in on the action, too.

Today? Yea, just me. I wish I had timed myself. By my calculations, the whole business took me about 3 hours. I kept thinking, "Okay, just do one more section." Then I'd do more. After the first wall was clear, I looked around, really wanted a shower, then realized I'd enjoy that shower a lot more if I'd done even more. Like maybe all of it. I can't wait to tell you what I'm doing tomorrow that's going to make me wonder why I did something to test my upper body strength so intensely!

I think I might have agreed to paint, too. I don't see that happening this week. If I know my parents, they're probably feeling pretty surprised and relieved that I got this done, all things considered. They'll probably be okay if I don't start painting just yet. I mean, it's not like I've just got gallons of paint sitting around the house. Or do I...?

Brenna's red bandanaIt's not in focus at all, as you can already see, but I quickly snapped this shot for Brenna. She's the one who started the whole idea of the red bandana in the first place. (In the comments section over here, back in January.) She's in Serbia right now, probably not having much time to read my blog, either, what with all those Serbian adventures they're having, and all. But it still made me feel all warm and fuzzy to wear a red bandana while I worked.

A job like this warrants before, during, and after photos, don't you think? So I finally put together a little photo gallery. Now that it's set up, maybe I'll find some time to put some other galleries up, too. Seeing as how I've shot hundreds and hundreds this summer... So yea, go here to take a look of the old wallpaper and the removal thereof.