From "I'm queen of the world" to something with a little less edge; "New Year" no more?

It's awesome how we get do-overs every day. Still... a New Year is the ultimate do-over!The nagging realization that the little sidebar graphic I put up at the beginning of the year reached critical mass yesterday morning, and I decided to design something new. I'd always meant to switch these out more frequently than I have, but we do what we can, right? And the next day, we do it again.

Funny how 2 months changes things. At the beginning of the year, I'm always stoked at all the fresh possibility stretching out in front of me. Therein lay the inspiration of my little graphic declaring 2011 to be a honkin' do-over. Now, not yet halfway through March, I sat and considered my current mindset. Though definitely not as head-in-the-clouds as in early January, I'm still an optimist. Just a more realistic one, I guess.

So I pondered the disappointments. It's not a short list, but I'll only mention a few:

  • Haven't exercised every day. In fact, haven't exercised every other day, either.
  • Haven't lost the weight I thoroughly and completely expected to have lost by now. (Yes. Yes I really believed it this time. Shut up.)
  • Haven't combated my attention span issues.
  • Still haven't gone to visit Granddaddy yet.
  • Better stop now before I mess up this good mood.

But I also pondered the good stuff. Never mind a lot of the good stuff happened at the very beginning, it's still been a nice year:

  • All the stuff I highlighted on January 9.
  • And moved into my new studio.
  • I've been learning a lot - about things that help me do my job better, and about myself, too.
  • I've been trying to remember to stay in the moment more, instead of always thinking about what else I should be doing.
  • These have been a couple of months of good journaling, though not much work on the books.
  • I've reconnected with a few friends I hadn't seen in months.
  • I've been doing a lot of volunteer work that feels really important to me.
  • And made some new friends in the process.
  • And I'm learning to be really kind to myself when I can't make this list as spectacular as I'd like it to be.

What really good thing have you done for yourself this week? And what about today? There's still time!A question I keep asking myself is very simple:

What really good thing have you done for yourself?

Maybe that you exercised more than last week is worth remembering. Maybe taking the time out to help your friend when you had planned to do something different was a really great call. Maybe adding the blueberries to your breakfast instead of the biscuit is worth a pat on the back. And remembering to drink more water, and pass on that extra beer. I'm pretty sure you get kudos for that, too.

"Baby steps" get mentioned everywhere I go. And while the pep talks aren't as robust as the New Year pep rallies, I still think I've got a pretty good life. I still need to remember that we get do-overs every day. But it's good to change up the questions every now and then, too, right?

What about you? Are you doing any good things for you, that are worth mentioning?