From "14,000 things to be happy about." A random list of 22; what's on yours?

Just for today: Choose happiness.

One of the best books ever is 14,000 things to be happy about. This is a book that includes nothing but a list, of 14,000 things - seriously - to be happy about! Just like the title says. Completely unordered and random, the list was compiled over a course of years. I've owned the book for ages and just found my copy again; happy treat!

Today is a good day already. Still, I thought it would be fun to look through the pages and gather a random list. Wanna' play? Wanna' add something to the list? Yours doesn't have to come from a book. You can just add in the comments, anything you think of that makes you happy. But these are from the book. Hint... author Barbara Ann Kipfer was really onto something when she shared this list. Some of her items will make you say "huh?" but if you stop and just think about it... about the tiny snippets of pleasure inherent in some of her entries - in some of the simple moments of life - I think you'll see the point:

  1. using powder
  2. heavy blackberry blooms
  3. dropping out of something important
  4. midnight phone calls
  5. new white tennis shoes
  6. a wedge of fresh lime to turn a glass of mineral water into a cocktail
  7. paperback guidebooks
  8. hush puppies
  9. the feel of a whirlpool
  10. little boys in white boxer shorts
  11. a bachelor pad
  12. eating ice cream sandwiches by licking around the sides
  13. kissing games: pass the Life Saver, spin the bottle, post office
  14. season tickets
  15. congeniality
  16. drop leaf tables
  17. hanging pans
  18. opening clams
  19. first college weekend
  20. beautiful sand patterns
  21. stage managers
  22. seeing an apple fall from a tree

I should play this game more often. Just sitting here, flipping through the book, intentionally looking for a new page, and a new page, in spite of the variety on every single one of the pages... priceless private giggles. Even if you don't write anything here, I hope you'll give yourself a few minutes of quiet pleasure and just sit with a list of things that make YOU happy!

PS: I'm having so much fun, I've decided to "play" again over here at Wayfarin' Vagabond. Just because...