Four reasons it's taken me 6 days to mention those blackberries again

<PhotoJust before returning to WV for one of my final trips of the summer, I promised over here that I would take photos of blackberries right away when I returned. Then I got up here and got all distracted by other things like hosting my friends (or truth-be-told, hanging out with my friends while they hosted themselves, if I'm perfectly honest,) and working.

There are some other reasons I lost my excitement about all those blackberries I'd once dreamed of picking, too. Four reasons!

One: You're gonna' be hard pressed to convince me that the photo up there is not of a big honkin' pile of poison ivy. I believe it is. Even if it's not, there are enough "Leaves of 3, let it be" lookin' stuff all mixed up with "my berries" to make me suddenly not so sure I wanted them all that badly, after all. Maybe I've captured the poison ivy, and maybe the offending plant my friends saw was somewhere else. But have you ever had a close encounter with this stuff? Yea, well, I have. More than once. And I am very, very allergic. No berries taste that good to me.

Blackberry bushes after the berries are all gone Two: Large, large numbers of blackberries have already come and gone. I was away an entire month since I found the Just Dying To Be Ripe green berries (seen halfway down this page,) and had fantasies of how yummy they were going to taste. Clearly the birds that flock to my back yard every morning have had a thrilling summer.

Blackberry bush with one ripe berry, several red, and evidence of picked berries, too.Three: At this point, it's an awful lot of bother to fight not only birds but possible skin-damaging plants, just to get the occasional berry that may or may not be waiting for me once I get up into the patch. It seems that some of these ripen on a gradual scale, so where you find one is already gone, another is just green, then another beside it, red, and finally...a rich purple one. On the other hand, maybe the birds just get up a lot earlier than I do. (Y'think?)

Four: You'll have to wait and find out about four later. I have an exciting new discovery to report to you soon. But now I need to get back to some work for a very patient client.