Found article on creativity and conscious living

When was the last time that I actually chose my response instead of just acting out of habit?Moving through this day with serious gusto, accomplishing a variety of items that you yourself would never in a million years put on a single list, I've been thinking about creativity. What creativity means. What it means to live creatively. I tend to take these questions for granted. As if I have the answers to anything remotely as profound. But they're topics I like to think about, nonetheless, and today my questions led me to the 'net. Like all my questions tend to lead me.

Found this interesting article that gave me just what I needed today. Written by Louise LeBrun, it's entitled Thoughts on: Creativity and Daily Living. In the middle of my personal chaos, I actually sat here and read the entire thing.

The quote above was taken from the article, and here's a little more:

Creativity has its roots in curiosity. Without curiosity, there would never be the questions to which we seek answers. Or the daydreams that call out to be fulfilled. Or the change and innovation that we often intensely pine for. Without curiosity, there would be no reason for us to go anywhere new or meet new people or think a new thought. And yet, how many of us have become stuck in the habituated way of living our lives, applying our greatest creative expression to finding a variety of ways to explain and describe why we can't have the life we want!

It's been a long time since anybody gave me quite so much food for thought. It might be worth your time to read the whole thing, too. Full article here.