Flying string of wooden beads & other High Entertainment activities

This isn't entirely a blog post about my nephew. I mean, yea, he features prominently here. But it's also a little rant about the role of creativity in my family and how some of us got that gene and others? Well, maybe not so much. As was recently mentioned in the long-awaited mommy blog,, when my sister observed some fascinating behavior exhibited by our mother while hanging out with Mr. Pie.

Sis and her cherub came over this evening for a few hours. 'Cause I have homemade chicken soup and she's still got this icky cold and if you had a big sis who had soup while you were sick where would you go? That's what I thought.

I'm gonna' to go ahead and admit right now that the last time I saw His Royal TwoYearOldNess was not his finest day. We spent an hour in Sam's Club this weekend and you might say people noticed. I've decided to believe he was expressing himself in a manner that's familiar with people of this very distinctive age and not that he was being One Of Those Children. So this was the first time I'd seen him since that fateful shopping outing. Hope always springs eternal and I was hoping for a more beloved Pie. The sweet, inquisitive, huggy, cute one. Not the one who thrashes and screams.

Ta da! Tonight brought Cool Pie. Admittedly, he got way more attention tonight than he was getting in Sam's Club. What can I say? Sometimes we're a little more successful at carrying on adult conversation while entertaining the little one.

I'll tell you that I have yet to adorn my home with many Pie Friendly Items. So a woman pretty much has to be creative if she isn't going to have the place ransacked in that way only a toddler can manage. So here's an explanation of the photo depicting the creative solutions we came up with that pleased the little one:

  1. There's a lot you can do with a well-read Wired Magazine. Like put clips all over the pages. He kept finding more (handy; I have no idea where they'd been stored but now I know!) It took up more time than you'd think, for him to find more and bring them to me for help.
  2. "Mimi" has great fun business cards. Yes they were expensive. Yes I bought them for business purposes. Never mind this is a little stash he asked for once and he doesn't know that he always gets the same few ones every time he wants more. Plus? Who cares? He loves to play with them and they keep him entertained.
  3. But suddenly he decided, just before the Scary Sam's Club Outing, that he needed his own business cards. What's that you say? Well, I can hook you up, little dude! And I did, too. Taken from a pack of the "print your own" cards I had to tide me over until I'd figured out what my new designs were going to look like. Bad idea. Those things smudge excessively. (Just ask all the male-type friends who brought them back to me after they'd been carried around in their wallets for a while, demanding something better.) So yea. We can make business cards for two year olds. Note to self: find the colored pencils next time I'm picking up things from storage. Or just buy some crayons already!
  4. It's well-known in some circles that Mr. Pie is a bit of a klepto. He stole this Lowe's Foods card from his mom's handbag the other day. I saw him do it. Apparently he stashed it somewhere and found it again while here.
  5. Random photo of The Kid In Question: playing with dirt, not beadsBecause I have a small fortune in semi-precious stones, glass beads, and all manner of other beads for use in my own jewelry designs in addition to an entire suitcase-full which I keep on hand for My Seniors to use, it's inevitable that Mr. Pie was gonna' discover the joy that is running your hands through a bowl of small roundish thing with holes in them, sooner or later. So he found an in-progress beading project, and had to investigate. That kept him remarkably focused for longer than you might imagine, with very few spills. Then I remembered these honkin' wooden ones that I bought one time, thinking they might come in handy one day for some class or other. Mostly the seniors panned them (except for one, and I think she just wants to take them home with her in their little baggies,) but they're still here. I remembered them tonight and dug them out, along with a 100 meter-long roll of black cotton cord used for stringing clay pendants. Do not even think that Mr. Pie didn't enjoy that little discovery. Although it must be said that he enjoyed it differently than I might have.

    First, he took great care in opening the bags and pouring each set of carefully-sorted beads into a bowl. Then he'd put the empty zippy bags into the large bag that once held the whole business. Actually that little detail was fun to watch.

    Next, he liked to dig his hands into the bowl, feeling the different beads. Sometimes he dropped a few. Then picked them up. So when he grew bored, I quickly strung them on cord for him. Oh. Don't forget the cord. He loved, LUVD unrolling the cord. Thought it was the funniest stuff ever. So when I had this long strand, all carefully knotted on the ends, I showed him how to drag it around the floor. Know what he did? Of course you do! He held his arm out and spun around and around the room, hitting everything nearby with resounding thuds, then giggling hysterically. Not only at the satisfaction gleaned from those thuds, but also from the alarmed declarations from the stick-in-the-mud women.

    Eventually, I'm proud to say, he drug the strand around the room as taught. Then, before leaving, carefully put it into a drawer I showed him, So He Can Play With It Again Next Time He Comes To Visit.
  6. I think we've already talked about the klepto business. This is an unused cd envelope. I have no idea where he found it. But he kept it close by the entire time he was here.
  7. Then we booted up YouTube and watched a bunch of crap with dancing animals that kept him riveted until it was time to go home.

Good times at Mimi's house. And really? I think sis would have done all those same things. So maybe she should give herself more credit in the creativity department. Just because you don't have art and craft supplies laying around doesn't mean you don't use creativity entertaining your kid. That's what I think, anyway...