Fish & Chips on a double decker bus in Fairhaven, WA

Friends told me "It's the best fish & chips you've ever eaten!" and they were really passionate when they declared these words. And so we went to the double decker red bus in Fairhaven, a district of Bellingham, WA and we had lunch. In fact, we arrived just minutes before they opened, and had a few minutes to sit and soak up the atmosphere on the patio outside the bus.

Sure enough? Turns out that was some pretty good fish. Between 3 of us, we shared two combo platters that each included a piece of cod, halibut, and salmon. It was the first time I'd ever eaten cod and halibut at the same time and was able to make comparisons. Before then they were just both random white fishes. And? I loved me some Fairhaven Fish & Chips. Super, super tasty, priced about the way I would have expected, friendly service, and we got lucky and dined there on a sunny day. Charming place in a charming town.

Here's a link to some Yelp reviews, for anyone interested in more detail. Maybe you're planning your own trip to the Pacific Northwest! The listing is for "Jacci's Fish & Chips" but I'm confident it's the same place. Never got the story from our local friend, about why it might be called Jacci's. The sign said "Fairhaven Fish & Chips," though, so I'm going with that. No matter what you call it? Yuuuuuum!

Note: One day I'll actually photo galleries from my trip. Since I made a big deal about shooting more than 10,000 photos while I was away, I have to do better than this kind of sharing. But for now? For now this is what I have time for. Behind the scenes I'm culling and choosing, but it's a little daunting to deconstruct a 6 week trip and choose a core selection of photos others might even be interested in seeing. So for now, I'll just share one at a time. Enjoy!