First day of 2009 howdy

Hi ya'll! Is the New Year everything you've hoped it would be, and more? It's nearing evening and it occurred to me that I could write a quick hello. From this end, things continue to be leisurely and slow - as I am possibly more sick today than I was when I shared that I was getting another cold. Alas, my sofa never pleased me so much. Nor the down comforter and feather pillows I'm all snuggled into that sofa with!

Those chick flicks I mentioned yesterday? The ones that were going to keep me company during my "party of one" (as Bob called it in his comment yesterday,) have been my companions today. I finally remembered what they were: The Jane Austen Book Club, and  Then She Found Me. Both served the requisite Feel Good quotas and before my last nap I had put the first in to watch again. Alas, I might just get back to that now! Although I was just remembering that Santa brought me copies of Two Weeks Notice and Memoirs of a Geisha.

What I'm saying is I've got options!

And? That tirimisu is still waiting for me in the fridge. All in all, if you've got to be sick on the first day of the year, I don't have it so bad... (Turns out this is the cold that brought basic symptoms but didn't leave me wallowing in the Pit of Despair like other recent times.)

Hope you've spent your own First Day exactly the way you wanted!