Filling every minute of these last few days in the Carolinas

These have been some seriously social times. I've been to parties, gatherings, met friends for coffee and lunch, stopped in for an hour here and there. Having spent the weekend with my parents in SC, I returned to Greensboro last night where I'll stay for several more days, probably until Sunday, I imagine. Yes, I like a good plan...flexibility's good though, too, no?

In between all the socializing, I'm trying to catch up on work. Having taken some vacation time, so close on the heels of a long birthday celebration and a longer bout with some tenacious bug, I'm more than aware that it's time to really start cranking with the work. Today was productive; tomorrow needs to be even more so. Hopefully within my first few days in WV I can at least have an aggressive chunk of the work I'm behind on behind me. Surely? Guess we'll see about that.

If I keep agreeing to all these little outings, I'll need more of that solitude than ever before...