Female Artist Takeover in Greensboro: 2014 Edition

I've figured it out. The down-side to being creative and surrounding yourself with creative people: when something really big happens and many of your friends are participating - in many ways and many locations, you can't possibly support all the artists you want to support. Inasmuch as science has yet to enable us to be in multiple places at one time.

That doesn't keep me from trying. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about this before. I keep figuring you already know, since it's just so big and excellent. But some of you may not. So let me fill you in.

Every year in Greensboro (this is the third year running,) at the beginning of Women's History Month, the Female Artist Collective, under the leadership of our photographer friend Bonnie Stanley, spearheads the Female Artist Takeover. Which is to say if any Greensboro business is promoting art of any kind - offering live music, performance art, exhibiting fine art, and so forth - they're asked to consider featuring women artist's or bands that at least have women or a woman in them. Do you know how many artistic women reside in this town? (Hint: it's a lot. A way lot.)

There is no way I could include a comprehensive list to everything that's happening this weekend - and this month - and I won't try. But I will share some snippets and hat tips to some of my friends and local artists whose work I love. You can learn way more over here.

Some of The Talented Female Artists Taking Over Greensboro in starting March 6, 2014:

And babies. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

Check out the site here, and download your Takeover First Friday Guide here.

Note 1: Many thanks to Bonnie Stanley and her team for making this happen.  I'm certain there were scores of people involved, but the ones I am certain are due mention are Sue Sassmann, Scott Fray, who designed the promotional materials, Stuart Stanley, Bonnie's partner... I'm sure that's just scratching the surface.

Note 2: I've taken liberties with my own slideshow at the top of this page. Not only did I help myself to slides from the official website (man that's an impressive site and clearly the result of mountains of work!) - but I've added just a couple of super-quick, simple images to link to a couple more of the non-sponsored groups I mentioned in my post. Because I love promoting my friends, too. ;)