Feeling like everybody in the world should have parents like mine

You'd have to spend a lot of time poking around my blog to find too many overly-gushy posts about how much I love the important people in my life. Except for Mr. Pie. Naturally. But hanging up the phone after talking to my parents just now, it hit me quite hard just how much I love these two people. And how much I wish that everybody else could have been brought into the world by such loving people as I was.

This is not the blog post in which I tell you my parents are perfect and that we've never disagreed or disappointed each other. Humans disagree and they also disappoint each other. In spite of the fact that we, too, are most definitely human and therefore have had our share of unpleasant situations over the years, I would not trade my mom and dad for anyone else. Not even if those other Totally Made Up Alternate Parents had offered me a pony for my tenth birthday, took me to the circus every time it was in town, and let me eat ice cream every morning for breakfast.

Mom and Dad are playing Scrabble tonight. That's one of the very specific games that was commonly played in our family home over the years. Just like most other activities, the interest in playing board games comes in waves. Until Sunday night when they had snow like we did and lost their electricity and got out the game, I don't actually remember the last time I knew my parents to play a game of scrabble. But it didn't surprise me at all to hear they were playing again tonight. I guess you'd say they're on a roll.

What occurred to me when we hung up tonight is that there are certain things I've come to expect from my parents - as a couple, as well as individuals. Mom, for example, called me twice today (just to talk - I was working, and only just called her back now,) but now? She's playing Scrabble. And watching TV. Turns out she didn't have that much to say right this minute, after all. Sure, she asked me quite a few questions about my own life, and shared a bit, but I got a sense that she would have been way more talkative if I'd bothered to call her back earlier. When She'd Been In The Mood To Chat On The Phone. When I hung up she said, "Call me tomorrow! I'll be here alone for several hours." To which I thought, "Well I called you now!" Have I mentioned my mom could use Adderall more than I need it? When I reminded her I would be working, she said, "Well we don't have to talk long!" And she's right. We don't. So maybe I'll call.

This time, Dad and I did more of the talking. I shared some personal things that have been going on, and got his input. He is, after all, a counselor. Not to mention he's just really insightful, honest, and supportive. And he loves me.

We also talked about this move to WV. And how it keeps getting put off so that I can handle just one more thing. I totally did not plan on taking practically two whole weeks off from work to be sick, for example, and then the snow. Now I'm realizing I need to have another eye appointment, and have a couple more things I need to do to my car. And a few more people I might just like to see. And don't even let me get started about how badly I'm in need of some attention from my hair stylist. So we'll see whether I stay on Monday when I take the first load of necessities up there, or if I come back for a while, then go when it's more convenient to, y'know, retreat...

Anyway, yea. What I was saying? That My Parents Totally Rock And I Wish Yours Were As Great As Mine Are. But I realize they probably aren't, because that would be pretty hard to accomplish.