Favorite morning call; little guy's first pet of his own

While it's true my nephew's family had a kitty when he was born, that beloved feline went to snooze in The Great Sunny Spot in the sky when Rami was really too young to have had much of a relationship with the former family cat. Now that he's four, it was decided he could get his own kitty, and anticipation has been swirling.

Since we went to look at the kitties a couple of weeks ago when they were still too young to leave their mom, he's been bouncing the name ideas around.

My favorite of his naming suggestions actually came a couple of months ago before it had yet been decided that he even would be getting a new kitten...

For as long as I can remember, Rami's favorite song to fall asleep to at night has been Moonshadow by (the artist formerly known as) Cat Stevens. One day while talking to his mom about his then-allegedly-future-kitty, he said, "I know what! Why don't we get a kitty cat and call it Cat Stevens?!" Have I ever mentioned my nephew has a pretty excellent sense of humor? So for a while we joked about the kitty called Cat Stevens. Even if it was a girl, girls can be called "Cat" right?

At any rate, once it was decided that there would, in fact, be a real kitty coming to live in his home, the world of possibilities opened up. Maybe "Cat Stevens" wasn't necessarily the name he wanted, after all.

A while back, Rami became quite fond of my friend's cat, "Fritz," so maybe his own kitty would be "Fritzy!" But maybe that wasn't quite right, either. His "old cat" was named "Oscar." Maybe all the family cats should be called "Oscar!" But then again, maybe not. No use in confusing matters.

On the phone yesterday, I asked what he was going to call his new kitty and he said, "Maybe Daisy." I'd heard this before and truly have no idea where that particular idea came from. All I knew was that much as it was decidedly not my business, I really really thought "Cat Stevens" was an awfully clever name for a little boy's kitten.

Did I ever mention Rami's predilection for messin' with people? Show him a little emotion behind an idea and he's off in a fit of giggles. By that, I mean I can make an ordinary comment and it passes by, ain't no big deal. But if I say the same sentence with feeling, opening my eyes wide, throwing my hand dramatically over my mouth, the kid is rolling on the floor, trying to get another rise out of me. So it was, then, that I said to sis, "I need to stop telling him how much I love his original naming idea or we're going to end up with a family cat called "Daisy." Which is a fine  name, of course, but when you see this cat, you'll realize her name just isn't Daisy. ("Daisy" is my friend Betty's dog. Everybody knows that!)

So they got the cat last night and I got a call this morning when Rami was on his way to school. He told me in that excited, wonder-filled voice about how his kitty didn't like ridin' in the car, but how she's okay now, plus they had to get her home, so she had to ride in the car, even though she didn't really like it.

Then I asked him what his new kitty's name is. He paused and said, "It's not Cat Stevens." I said, "Okay. It's your kitty. You should name her whatever you want. What did you decide on?" He said again, "It's not Cat Stevens, but it's Moonshadow." I said, "Your kitty is named "Moonshadow"? He answered, "Yea. Her name is Moonshadow. You wike that name, Mimi?"

Yes. I like that name, my darlin. Very, very much... Moonshadow is one lucky little kitty.

Stay tuned for pictures.