Extraordinarily ordinary

On this Monday before Thanksgiving of 2009, I Am:

  • Finally able to concentrate,
  • Since I came to work in Panera Bread,
  • Drowning out big band jazz,
  • By listening to music from Feel. Love. Thinking. Of. by The Faunts, and similar sounds,
  • Grateful for headphones,
  • Watching the employee whose job it is to change the burned out lightbulbs,
  • Feeling fairly confident he's not going to turn this big orange ladder over on top of me,
  • Drinking too much coffee,
  • Designing possible background graphics for a website,
  • Eating raw almonds,
  • Dressed like a lumberjack,
  • Holding my head up and looking people in the eye with a smile, in spite of that terrifying and shameful reality,
  • Becoming accustomed to rainy weather,
  • Discovering how much of a difference a single replaced lightbulb can make,
  • Deciding that my little break is over,
  • And getting back to work...