Expression for the masses?

These kinds of websites draw me in; I can't help it. When I stumble across a site that allows anybody to design something, using a limited or unlimited set of parameters, I fall through the rabbit hole. It's as if years instantly fall away and I never heard of Photoshop. Suddenly I'm sitting at my friend Daniel's computer for the first time, that night I discovered my first graphics program, circa 1994, and I can't pull myself away. Look what I'm doing! What happens if I move this over there?

And if I hold my head just right, that many more layers are peeled away, I've never conjured the idea of a computer, let alone that an ordinary person could have one (or more!) of their own, and I'm sitting in Ms. Oh Goodness What Was My First Grade Teacher's Name? She was a big deal to me. Eek! So yea, I'm sitting there with a paint brush and I have this annoyingly limited "array" of tempera paints in primary colors. I think my mom still has that "dog" painted in red, green, blue, in a "baby book" tucked away somewhere.

Now with just a click of a mouse, anybody can try their hand at creating something that didn't exist five minutes ago.

And now? Instead of "Mr. Potatohead" there's Mr. Picassohead. Minimize the to-do list, avert your eyes from the calendar. Give yourself 5 minutes and play. It's good for the soul...