Enough Megapixels Already

There's a nice piece over at Wired from Friday, by Charlie Sorrel, called Why the Megapixel Race Needs to End. He starts out mentioning a familiar observation - that when a new digital camera comes out, people around immediately want to know how many megapixels it has. And then he explains why most of us simply don't need all those extra tiny dots.

I  especially liked his conclusion:

Aside from this list, a slowdown in the megapixel arms race would leave the technicians at Canon and Nikon to concentrate on new ways to make the cameras better for the photographer, instead of laboring to squeeze yet more dots onto their chips. Unless you are actually printing your photographs, and blowing them up to the size of posters, the camera in you pocket has all the sensor you need. Imagine, then, that same camera, only that you never miss a shot, never forget where you took it and, above all, never need to turn on the harsh, on-camera flash.