Distracted much?

It's more fun to think it's because there's so much going on, and not that I'm losing my mind. Business has never been better, my social and personal life is lovely, I'm planning this move - there's rather a lot going on! Which is how I justify the great brain block from yesterday which went something like this:

Reading friend, Dena's, blog, I discovered that she was putting people on notice. She's overbooked herself, too, and seems to need to rein in some of the commitments so she can focus more on work. As I read I got a little nervous. I'm scheduled to leave town on February 18 and don't plan to return, even for a visit, for about 3 weeks. Surely I could find a way onto Dena's schedule? It would be just wrong if I couldn't see her for one of our lovely coffee dates for the gab sessions we so enjoy!

So I posted a comment asking to be put on her calendar if she got any cancelations. Trying not to sound too needy... Ain't no big deal. Just if you can fit me in. That's all!

Within minutes I received this note via email from Dena: "Umm.... don't we have a long weekend together coming up? =)"

Indeed we do!

Cindi's parents, who have known me since I was 12, have gloriously and graciously extended the use of their beach house for a long weekend so I and a small handful of my closest girlfriends can continue celebrating my 40th birthday. (Because I know how to do birthdays, and I have awesome friends and they have awesome families, that's why!) And Dena? Not only is she one of my friends who is joining me that weekend...She's The Friend With Whom I Am Riding To The Beach House! And We Are Leaving In A Week.

Tell me, somebody, please, quick: This has nothing to do with the fact that I just turned 40. Right? It's nothing I have to categorize under the "It's all downhill from here" header. Right? It is, instead, just evidence of a momentary glitch caused by having slightly more things on my plate than probably is advisable. Right...???