Discoveries while sick (again)

Among the luxuries I'm always wishing for is extra down time. Funny little trick my body played on me: pushed too hard, didn't sleep enough: got me some down time. Got no energy to do anything. "Except," as I said to a friend earlier today, "lay around and moan." My grandmother Sally used to say that made her feel better. Been channeling Sally today.

After getting behind on work this week, I was keen to spend nice long blocks of time working on web projects. Actually was really looking forward to it. But every time I come sit here to write this, the room gets dizzy and the thought of making something pretty online makes me a little nauseous. And it's not even that kind of sick. (Congestion, headache, sore throat, swollen glands, fuzzy head.) So I get up and walk away from the computer. It'll take me 3 hours to get this posted - assuming I ever do.

So yea, I made a few discoveries today. Thought I'd share them with you. (Hey, I never said it was going to be brilliant or witty writing. I'm just thrilled to be writing something!)

  • Taking the trash out to the street for pickup is actually quite an impressive accomplishment! Congratulate yourself if you got this done already. I am!
  • Guilt (over the clients you're putting off by delaying the work you're not doing, for example,) gets stronger when you have time to lay around and think about it...not weaker.
  • That frozen shrimp scampi you thought might be a good idea to buy? Not a good idea. I'm a pretty good cook, so the idea of buying pre-prepared meals in a bag and heating them in the microwave rarely occurs to me. I don't have children to corral; it's the luxury of being me. And even if I'm swamped and don't have time to cook something - which does, in fact, happen more often than not - I'm quite happy with cheese and fruit or olives. Even popcorn is better than that frozen meal. Who knew? Frozen edamame, of course, is quite a different story altogether.
  • When you don't have the energy to do anything else, maybe it's not a good idea to call your peeps on the phone. They just end up feeling sorry for you and spend half the conversation telling you how awful you sound. Or, if you call my sister, you might even get, "I just feel like I should let you go so you can, I don't know, roll over and die, or something." Yea. Glad that one didn't go into nursing.

There's always more sleep. I've had some luxurious naps the last couple of days, which is almost unheard of around here. (Yes, I quite like naps. I just never think to indulge in them, is all. Which is probably why I've been sick more this fall and winter than usually, huh? Maybe I'll start taking mandatory naps. For my health.)

Actually this is just annoying. I've been years without getting a cold. When I started feeling this way, again, I kept thinking, "This canNOT be happening." I hadn't even left the house in days! Where does one get a cold at home?

Okay, maybe I'll just go moan a while and see if Sally was right. Check back in a couple of days; maybe all the anticipated sleep will bring something worth reading. I'll see what I can drum up for ya...