Decisions as progress - without taking actual steps

Looking around my cozy home yesterday, it occurred to me that I would do well to actually pack some things since I'm ending my current house-sitting arrangement at the end of the month, and starting the transition toward that hiatus to West Virginia I told you about last week. Although there's still nothing set in stone, I feel much closer to putting together a timeline than I was last time I mentioned the evolving plan.

The first week and a half of February are nearly filled, already, with meetings and visits with friends and a quick beach trip to celebrate the then-past, currently-upcoming Big 4 0 milestone. I'm determining just how much I want to move to WV at first, for creature comforts. For example, if I get up there and find that two and a half weeks are quite enough for me to get this out of my system, thank you very much, then I'd be a little annoyed at myself if I've bothered to rent a moving van and haul unnecessary furniture up a  mountain. On the other hand, if I'm staying there a few months, it'll be awfully handy to have my own bed and perhaps a cozy sofa. How to plan when you don't even know how the whole business will unfold?

Trust The Process - that's how. I don't have to know today. Today, I'm quite happy that I've worked out this timeline, and that I've spoken with Childhood Friend Who Will Be My Neighbor, and found out some things about the local options for high speed internet. It's the top priority. Yes, I realize those of you who mentioned the WV winters made a great point in suggesting I should take lots of extra blankets and making sure I have a backup plan for heat in the event of loss of power. We'll have the wood stove's chimney cleaned out, and that backup plan will do quite nicely. And? Internet is still at the top of the list. Because without it, I don't go. Without it, moving to the mountains for even a week is not an option. I'll let you know how that evolves.

So that's where I am. Making progress, though I have nothing to really show for it. That'll change soon enough. The clock is counting down...