Computer Concepts & Solutions - The answer to my "who do I call?" computer questions.

On my way to meet Ron Lazenby for the first time, I suddenly had one of those "Savvy Single Woman" moments. Living and working alone, it hit me as I turned my car into the parking lot of the office complex that houses Computer Concepts & Solutions that not a soul knew where I was headed. Almost certainly not a big deal, but these days it's wise to be a little more circumspect, not running off to meetings in new places we've never been to before, without at least letting someone know. Quickly I dialed my girlfriend, Heather's number. "Here's the thing," I told her, "I'm taking my burned out LCD monitor to this guy I found on Craigslist. When we talked on the phone, he sounded super nice and my instincts are that he's completely trustworthy. And I guess people have been wrong before. Let me give you this address. I'll call you when I leave and if you don't hear from me, you have to hunt me down."

The second Ron shook my hand, I chuckled inside, feeling good about the call I'd make to Heather later on. He put me at ease immediately in person, just as he had over the phone. And after we'd talked about computers for a bit, I liked him even more.

Now it's a year later and Ron Lazenby has brilliantly repaired that original LCD monitor, overhauled both my desktop and laptop computers, hooked me up with my much larger monitor, and... as soon as I can work out a time to get over to his office between other obligations, I'm hoping he'll be able to replace the "H" key that I popped off of my laptop during a near-catastrophic incident involving a very large cup of water last week.

Computer Concepts & Solutions is now the local business I think of immediately when I need help with my PC-related upgrades, repairs and replacements. Of course this information doesn't really help my Mac friends. Truth be told, I didn't realize that I, too, was really "An Apple Person" in my heart until I had acquired for myself both of my current computers, and so there will surely be a time when I can't turn to Ron anymore for my computer help. But that's going to be a while. And many of the people I know are definitely PC users. Which is why I've been meaning to write this piece for quite a while now.

It's always such a relief to have someone who comes highly-recommended to turn to when we have a need outside our fields. Whether it's a realtor, plumber, carpenter, computer expert, web designer, writer, graphic designer, mechanic, attorney, chiropractor, babysitter, counselor, etc..., referrals take some of the stress out of connecting with a new service professional for the first time.

My own discovery of Ron Lazenby was a bit of a gamble that first time, sure, since I found him without the help of a friend. But not really. I mean, my monitor was shot and I was actually just looking around on Craigslist to see if I couldn't find a good deal on a used replacement. If he hadn't been successful, well he couldn't have rendered it any less useful to me, y'know? But that he's been able to help me further, during the course of the year has just made our connection that much better. I've also been able to refer him to a couple of other friends who were equally satisfied customers.

Oh! To make things even easier, Ron now has a website. You'll see that he offers many repair and recovery services, and he also refurbishes equipment, sometimes even offering deals on new items. If you don't need his services now, take a look and bookmark his site; this is the kind of information that comes in handy when you need it. And feel free to pass his name along to a friend.

Ron Lazenby, Owner
Computer Concepts & Solutions
1400 Battleground Ave., Suite 144-D
Greensboro, N.C. 27408