Clearly auditioning for a very important role

Photo of mismatched shoes and socksThese past few days have felt somehow like things are accelerated in my world. I try to fit in "just one more thing," every day, or each time I have a spare minute between one appointment and another deadline. I made time to put the laundry away immediately, instead of letting it sit in the basket for days, like some people (ahem) do sometimes. I come, I go, I continue to be busier and busier, but for some reason I don't feel the levels of extreme stress that sometimes accompany the knowledge that There Is So So Much To Accomplish. Could it be because I've been eating well this week? I like to think so!

Today, I'm continuing on this Highly Productive Path, but paused earlier when I discovered that I was really, really cold. Fall, my favorite season, has definitely arrived. So without really giving much conscious thought to it, I ran from my office into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of socks. (My fun, new, silly striped socks that I picked up at Target for a dollar, for no good reason other than that they made me smile!) But then I wanted to wear more than socks, which led me to realize that while I'm flooded with a small country's worth of flipflops all my own, I don't seem to own any bedroom slippers. Which has never really seemed at all odd before, but could be a further bit of evidence to the praticality that seems to grow with age. (I cannot believe I just wrote that.) Not a single pair! Nor moccasins. Nor any sort of "bump around the house and be comfy" shoes. But I did find these little comfy goofy gems that I bought last winter/spring, and maybe wore once and only found a week or so ago, again. They'll do. It's not like anybody's going to see them! Heh...

Well, looking down at my silly little ensemble, I also recalled the time that I actually wore these in front of other people once, Amazingly Comfortable Though I Can't Even Believe I Own Them Much Less Am Admitting It Publicly gray velour lounging pants. At the beach in February, with some of my girls, I actually did wear these and didn't seem to feel any amount of trepidation or shame whatsoever! And these girlfriends of mine? Well, they eitherwere snickering behind my back so subtly that I never picked up on it, or they just love me a whole lot. (Or were giving me the "eccentric birthday girl pass" which is probably most likely.) But yea, I own them, and mostly I keep that to myself and never, ever wear them in front of others. Then today? I combined them in such an amazing way that I felt compelled to not only laugh and take a photo, but here I am admitting my kooky private wardrobe choice on my blog! Where strangers and clients and loved-ones alike come to visit. Hey y'all!

I can't imagine that this little rant has in any way enhanced your day, but I gotta' tell you, things are just amazing over here. I couldn't be more comfortable today, I'm making great progress on my to-do list, I haven't seen a soul and don't anticipate going out for the remainder of the day, either. All in all, it's pretty much the perfect day!

Plus, I may have stumbled across my Halloween costume without even trying!