Christine Kane on heroes

Christine Kane writes with the kind of voice that really resonates for me. She writes in a way that I feel I might have been reading her blog for a long time. However I only 1discovered her yesterday. Because, I suppose, it was exactly the right time that I was supposed to discover her blog.

One of the pieces that I enjoyed so much I read it twice, asked us to question the fallibility of the people we choose as heroes. "Is Your Hero Perfect? If So, Find Another Hero" is the title and in it she writes about this uniquely human way we have of looking at successful people with a critical eye, searching for a way to knock them off a pedestal. And when someone points out the failings of others, as they will invariably find, then what? Well, then... good! Because who wants to learn from someone who hasn't struggled as we struggle? Can such people possibly have anything to teach me?

The whole piece is thought-provoking, but one of my favorite parts is this (especially the second bullet!):

...I remind myself of a few things:

  • that our heroes, our coaches, our mentors should have all kinds of stories of failures and vulnerability.  (Otherwise, how can they help us in our moments of weakness?)
  • that I honestly don’t want to learn from someone who hasn’t been a total train wreck at least a few times in her life!

Just that sentence alone can help you breathe a little better. "Yea!" I thought to myself. "Everybody wasn't born self-actualized. I'm not the only one who goes through cycles of self-doubt sprinkled with great room for realignment. Even The Great Successes... they had to surmount some honkin' hurdles too!

Kind of evens the playing field, or something.

I highly recommend the whole piece. Read it here.

Now, a little bonus for you.

Not only is Christine Kane an insightful writer, and a "Mentor to Women Who Are Changing the World," but she's also a singer/songwriter. Wanna' see? :)

1Thank you Dena's friend, MK, for posting the link on Facebook to Christine Kane's blog post called How to Make the Most Delicious Greens Ever.