Choosing steamed brussel sprouts over a juicy cheeseburger

If you had a choice between the two foods just referenced, which would you eat? The greater percentage of my readers would, I suspect, choose the juicy cheeseburger. 'Cause hello? It's a juicy cheeseburger!!! And brussel sprouts are, well, y'know. Little round things that look like baby cabbages and smell up the kitchen.

Never mind that. In the interest of experimentation and searching for different outcomes than ever before, I'm about to eat a little bowl of tiny round things that look like baby cabbages when what I've been thinking about for the last hour is a a juicy cheeseburger. Which is a little odd, really, because I don't eat that many cheeseburgers. But still...

For about 10 days now, I've made healthier choices than ever before. That means I have eaten an enormous variety of some seriously healthy foods, exercised quite a lot, (as opposed to hardly at all,) consumed very limited alcohol, (none, if we could erase that one night,) and replaced my oh-so-beloved morning cup pot of coffee with some nice green tea.

This is the first time I've ever made such choices with the idea of "forever" in mind. Whereas before when I've embarked upon healthful... let's call them experiments, too... there's been something in the back of my mind that remained attached to the old ways as a default. These are not patterns that create lifelong changes. And so now I'm learning how to make these choices my defaults and indulge in things like that cheeseburger as the occasional splurge...right before returning to my healthful ways.

Yesterday a friend joked, "This will be great for about two weeks, then you're gonna' start craving a huge bratwurst! (Never mind I've never in my life craved bratwurst.) So I told him, "That's fine. I'll eat the bratwurst. Then I'll get back to healthy food the very next meal!"

This is how many of the healthiest people do it, my reading tells me. I'm inclined to believe them.

So what about that juicy cheeseburger? Well, my friend may have been more right than he realized. Maybe these recurring thoughts of cheeseburgers, 10 days into my current path, is the 2-weeks-in bratwurst he was talking about. And so I want to approach the temptation differently than before. First I want to see how badly I want it. I've gone to the kitchen and started steaming some brussel sprouts. I love 'em. A lot. There is no way you should interpret that statement as a suggestion that I love little stinky round things that look like baby cabbages half as much as I love a good cheeseburger. I don't. But there's a saying I've heard over the years, "Nothing tastes as good as being this healthy feels." I want to find out what those people are talking about. So I'm going to pay attention to my less healthy cravings, see if eating something good in lieu of the craved item makes a difference in my craving, and take it from there. And if I eat the brussel sprouts and still want the burger, I'll try something else healthy. Until I'm overcome with the desire for that burger, I'll offer my currently-in-flux palette more and more healthy options, and see what happens! Then? If I still must have the burger, then I'll have it! A small one. And get back to the healthy stuff the very next meal.

What feels good today is that today I actually took the time to pay attention before I gave into the craving. I guess we'll see soon enough, how much that matters against the suggestion of cheeseburgers.