Cheesecakes by Alex: The place to be on Election Day!

They're playing old jazz this morning and people are calling each other by name. Lots of smiling voters come in and out. (They're passing out a different style of "I voted" sticker, I notice, than those they gave us last week.) Already I've seen several people I know. Outside it's raining and gross, but it's quite cozy in here. And the smells? Divine. I knew today would be a great day to work at Cheesecakes by Alex!

Do you know this place? Being here reminds me of how good it feels to support local small businesses. Alex and I used to throw pots together when we took Deik Pierce's ceramics classes at Art Alliance. Alex had started on his quest to perfect his cheesecake recipes, and he'd bring samples in to class for everybody to try out and critique. I don't remember many criticisms in those days. More along the lines of: "Hey Alex! Why don't you try this flavor again and bring it to class next week? I'm not sure I got enough of a taste to make a solid decision." We were so excited when he and Vera decided to take the leap and open this place.

Now I look down and see the scratches on the tables, the places where chairs have scraped against the wall. It isn't new anymore. It's familiar and a tiny bit worn. In the ways that make you feel nostalgic and settled. Deik makes cheesecakes here, too.

Another friend just came by and shared his breakfast with me this morning. Lots of reminiscing.

So yea, I knew it would be a good idea to work at Alex's today. But fortunately I didn't schedule any afternoon appointments. Looks like amid the productivity, I'm going to have my share of interruptions. No complaints. It's been good to see my friends. But yea. Better get back to work.

Meanwhile, here's a plug for these delectable cheesecakes. It doesn't matter if you live around here or not. They have their packaging down to a science and will ship anywhere within the continental US. These are the cheesecakes that have made my family ooh and aah during holiday gatherings. I'm betting your own family would thank you, too, if you showed up with one of these this year.

Okay. Enough plugging my friends. It's time to work.