But what if you actually *disable* your Squarespace login?

Turns out there are several different ways you might actually lose your Squarespace login and need to find a workaround. And, I'm pleased to share that there are also several ways for you to "get back in" once you're logged out, too.

I discovered the "just hit escape" solution last March and was thrilled to discover that this will generally get you into a Squarespace-hosted site. But what if you actually disable the original login link? What then? Well then - you have two more choices!

  1. http://yoursquarespacelogin.squarespace.com/display/Login - after changing "yoursquarespacelogin" to your own actual, y'know... Squarespace login. Or...
  2. Visit the Squarespace website here: http://www.squarespace.com/. At the top corner of the home page, there's a link that says "Member Login" which, once clicked, will offer a space into which you can type your login credentials. And voila! That'll get you in, too!

I've been peripherally aware that there were several options, for some time. But even after nearly 6 years using the Squarespace platform - for myself and countless other sites - I only found myself in a position requiring I hunt down a new solution last night.

Thanks, Squarespace support team. You're always so immediate! Not to mention efficient, thorough, and just plain helpful when I need you. Regardless of the nature of my request.

Much love...